What is tor2web and jot2tor

Aaron Swartz worked of both these projects for several years until his death on January 13.

Tor2web is a conduit between the TOR darknet and the regular internet allowing internet users to browse/view .onion websites. This allows users on the larger internet to easily read material that has already been anonymously published on a TOR hidden service.

Jot2tor makes it easier for users to publish with military strength anonymity. In short it's running the code underlying as a Tor hidden service.

Things to do: tor2web

Things to do: jot2tor

  • Put EC2 box onto Tor network.
  • Get jottit code running on box. (ask your local lead for sourecode)
  • Determine if any caching/etc. needed to mitigate TOR’s slowness effect on User Experience.
  • Test posts made in Chinese, Arabic, other non-English langauges
  • Threat model new service


  • Python/Ruby and UNIX-fu
  • basic git
  • bonus skill: Heroku experience
  • bonus skill: familiar with EC2 / TOR / TOR-cloud
  • bonus skill: unix-guru


Hackathon Leads (who to ask)

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